The Sacramento Public Library (SPL) is the latest OverDrive partner to see an influx of new users to their digital library thanks to our instant library card feature. The service, accessible through both Libby and your OverDrive-powered websites, provides first-time users a digital library card in under 30 seconds. Libraries across the country have embraced this seamless tool to connect readers in their community to eBooks and audiobooks. SPL alone has seen hundreds of new users sign up in less than two months.

When asked about how the implementation process worked for the service, the SPL library staff had this to say:

The instant library card service has been a great asset for Sacramento Public Library. In the past it has always been difficult to sign county residents up for library cards while doing outreach, as it can be rather time consuming while at a table or booth at a busy public event. With the instant library card service it’s as easy as showing a future patron our great selection of e-book and e-audiobook materials, then having them input their phone number and instantly have access.

The phenomenal results speak for themselves. In the first two months, they provided instant digital library cards to over 1,200 new patrons. In the few months that followed, SPL issued full-access library cards to more than 100 of those patrons.

Instant Library Card

New users are enjoying an incredible first experience thanks to this instant access and the simplicity of the award-winning Libby app. By adding the instant library card feature to your OverDrive service, you can eliminate the issue of people wanting to borrow content but not being able to get to a physical library to get a card. As the numbers show, once these readers begin using the digital library, many are returning to branches to rediscover everything the library has to offer.

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