By: Adam Sockel, OverDrive’s resident Seuss nerd.  


The day has returned, It’s time once again
To celebrate a good doctor, And his Seusstacular friends

Each year on 3/2, We rock our striped hats
To sing praise for Ted Geisel, And his mischievous cat

Read Across America is designed to inspire
To get kids reading the books
of his rhyming empire

There’s Yertle and Horton, and Gertrude McFuzz
A mustachioed Lorax and the Yuzz-a-ma-Tuzz!

Let’s grab our favorite Seuss book
And sit down to read
If you’re lucky, perhaps, you’ll cozy up with a Thneed.

Try not to be Grinch-y, this day is such fun
And if you think I’m done rhyming, I’ve barely begun!

I grew up with these stories about Wockets and Pop
Once you get started…you won’t want to stop.

These stories have magic and you just never know
When you open one up, all the places you’ll go!

If you want to grab these classics,
we have Seuss eBooks of all kinds
To add to your library
and help sharpen some minds!

Let’s travel to Mulberry Street
You can follow my lead
Do I plan to read EVERY Seuss book today?
YES, it’s 98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.

Whether you choose to read in a tree, or a house, a plane or outer space
eBooks can be borrowed anytime, anyplace!

Soon, it’ll be time to be mountains
But for now, sit back in your coziest nook
As we return to the whimsy
Of classic Seuss books.