Anytime a new user or resident walks through the doors of a library it can turn into somewhat of an interview. The librarians at the information desk get to play 20 questions regarding how they can help this new reader get started. “Do you have a library card? Do you know what you’re looking for? How do you prefer to read your books? Let me tell you all the great things the library does!”

In the latest update of our award-winning app Libby, we’ve mimicked this experience to make using the app feel even more like visiting the physical library. When first-time users download the app, they’ll instantly be asked if they have a library card. If they don’t, Libby will connect them with the best way to get one, either through our Instant Digital Card feature or any informative links you have available on your websites. Libby will then help set up the reader’s preferred downloading method before getting them started with browsing and borrowing books.

It’s not just new users who’ll see exciting changes to Libby. Everyone using the app will see interactive options throughout the Libby experience. Libby will help you manage library cards, get support within the app and provide feedback instantly so we can continue to make enhancements. You’ll find search preferences that are much more prominent, including a filter by format option, something that was widely requested.

All of the options within the app now feature Libby guiding you to the answers or items you’re looking for faster. You’ll now find holds sorted by estimated wait time, improved and enhanced list preferences and more in-depth reading options. Everywhere you turn, Libby will there to guide you.

Want to see the new Libby in action? Register for our training webinar on Tuesday, March 13 at 2:00 pm (ET) for a live demonstration of all the new goodness you’ll find in the app. Also, be sure to point your staff and readers to our Libby Help Page for great FAQ answers about Libby and its features.