By: Jill Grunenwald, Marketing and Communications Specialist

May is Mystery Month and while we’re already halfway through the month, there’s still time to add some mystery themed curated collections to your OverDrive site! As a genre, mystery is one of those all encompassing ones that can also include suspense and thriller and, of course there are cozies and traditional. There really is something for everyone.

Of course, half the fun of creating curated collections is coming up with clever titles for the collection so with the help of my fellow staff librarians here, I’ve compiled a list of some names you can give your curated collections:

Once Upon a Crime

Killer Thrillers

Hail to the Chief (of police) Cop Mysteries

The Suspense Is Killing Me

Scandi-Mania! Nordic Murder Mysteries

In the Library with the Book

‘Til Death Do Us Part Marriage Thrillers

The Game is Aftoot!

Crook Books

Cozy Up to a Cozy Mystery

The Girl Who Read Nordic Noir

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