By: Sarah Wilsman, Collection Development Specialist.

Emerging readers are not beginning readers anymore. They have mastered basic phonics and learned frequently used words and phrases and are now improving their reading comprehension skills.

At this stage of their reading development it is important to provide emerging readers with high-interest books that will engage them. Reading out loud together is a great way to improve their fluency and help them develop into stronger readers.

Emerging readers at every age

“The target audience resides within a critical span in the development of the lifelong reader: kids seven to 10 years old. But those readers can include both the precocious six-year-old who is zipping through books at warp speed and the 10-year-old still struggling with reading. Publishers and educators know that engaging chapter books will help kids transition from picture books to novels—a progression that helps ensure academic success, creates a literate populace, and cultivates a future audience for increasingly sophisticated types of reading.” ~ Books for Emerging Readers, PW

Here are some series in the OverDrive catalog that will be enjoyable for emerging readers whether they read independently, or you read with them: Emerging Readers List