Yesterday was Library Shelfie Day, and we collected the best of the best from our OverDrive Team!

Most of my reading time these days is spent on fiction with our 3-year old twins.

They’re not huge fans of history and biographies (yet ?). ~Beau L.

This is one of three bookshelves in our house – I have one, my husband has one, and our daughter has one.

While she will browse through her own books, she tends to gravitate towards “Mama’s books.”

I guess you’re never too young to go on an adventure. ~Andrea S.

Many people know that I collect editions of Little Women — my favorite book–

and I own 44 different editions, but this one was the start of two collections!

This copy of Little Women started my Little Women collection and my Canterbury Classics collection (30 books!). ~ Hannah M.

One of the five bookshelves in my apartment.

This one includes a little book my freshman roommate wrote called Unbroken. ~ Sarah W.

~ Liz and Madison

~ Melissa, who still hasn’t built her bookshelf!