We know maximizing your budget while still meeting demand for digital content can be challenging. Especially now, when more people are discovering your digital offerings for the first time. Our new Access+ Collections are designed so you can find engaging ebook and audiobooks titles in multiple access models to help you stretch your budget, reach more readers, and build a collection with long-term goals in mind.  

Visit Marketplace for more information about Access+ Collections and to start adding these titles to your collection today. Here are some tips to make the most of your shopping experience: 

1. Filter for maximum efficiency  

When you visit Marketplace, you’ll notice we’ve already created lists to help you get started, including new & popular audiobooks and ebooks by ages, romance, Black History Month, and a spotlight on Sim Use publishers.  

Additionally, as you are exploring these collections, don’t forget to use filters to identify titles with holds at your digital library, or to find titles you don’t yet own.  

2. Shop for readers of all ages  

From exciting and meaningful stories for teens to introducing your youngest patrons to audiobooks and award-winning fiction, our Access+ Collections have something for everyone. Now is a great time to fill any gaps in your young adult and juvenile collections.  

Selections from the Juvenile and Young Adult Access+ Collections. The Good, The Bad, and the Spooky; Akata Woman, The Complete Cookbook for Teens, and The Unofficial Guide to Engineering in Minecraft
Selections from the Juvenile and Young Adult Access+ Collections

3. Mix and match lending models 

With Access+ Collections, you can buy the titles you want in the access model that best fits your needs. All the titles in these collections are available in at least two lending models, including One Copy One User, OverDrive Max (MACU), Simultaneous Use, and Cost Per Circ (CPC). 

Customize your shopping experience to find the combination of access models that best works for you (and your budget!) to serve the maximum number of readers.  

4. Curate Always Available collections

Curation is a great way to make sure readers see all the titles you’ve added to your digital library. By blending access models, you can set up no wait or always available curated collections, making sure visitors to your digital library always come away with a book they are excited to read.  

Selections from the February Black History Month Access+ Collection. Black Girls Must Die Exhausted; In Every Mirror She's Black; Reel; and Tristan Strong Keeps Punching
Selections from the February Black History Month Access+ Collection

5. Check back monthly 

Each month we will be updating the content to bring you more engaging content available in multiple lending models to reach readers of all ages.  

Ready to reach more readers with Access+ Collections?  

Visit Marketplace to start shopping. If you need additional assistance or have any questions, please contact your OverDrive Account Manager today.