This week, Libby released a new update with exciting improvements for both our library partners and readers!  

What’s new in Libby 

Updates to Libby Guides 

Titles in Libby catalog guides now appear as larger cover images with the title and title status below. This improved user experience will get more books in front of readers as they are browsing Libby.  

Deep search explanation

A new tutorial from the Search screen provides users with a quick explanation about what deep search is.

This tutorial can be accessed by tapping the library switcher at the top of the Search screen. It’ll appear one time, if your active library allows deep search and you have cards for multiple libraries

Updates to title details pages in Libby 

Readers will now have more information available to them on a title’s detail page, creating a more informed browsing experience. These updates include:  

  • Title details now display the language that the title is written in (or narrated in) 
  • Libby will show the covers of other titles in a series, even if the series doesn’t have a specific reading order