There is a new way for users to access Libby Extras from your library! In addition to discovering Extras through the Libby app, users can now access Extras through new, optimized direct links to each of the services your library offers. These direct links provide an alternative method for your library to help users discover these services:  

  • Post direct links on your library website 
  • Include direct links in social media posts promoting Libby Extras 
  • Tie promotion of Libby Extras services with library programming 
  • Promote Libby Extras in Makerspaces and Library of Things 

From these direct Extras links, users can learn more about each service you offer and sign in for instant access. 

Entertain & educate your community with Libby Extras 

Engage your community with content that entertains, educates, and provides unique digital experiences. With resources including music instruction, cooking classes, science courses, streaming movies, test prep lessons, legal document templates, and more! There’s truly something for every library patron to enjoy.  

Visit Libby Extras under the Shop tab in Marketplace to add these services to your collection. To learn more about how libraries are educating, entertaining and engaging their communities with Libby Extras, visit the Resource Center. On the Resource Center you’ll also find a free marketing kit to help you promote Extras in your community. 

Please reach out to your OverDrive Account Manager with any questions.