Whether your patrons are drawn to the allure of forbidden love, the excitement of second chances, or the enchantment of happily-ever-afters, every romance book they open holds new and exciting love stories readers can’t wait to devour.  

This spring, you can take advantage of a special Cost Per Circ (CPC) offer on select romance titles from Macmillan. Each week, the first title in a selected series can be added to your digital library for $0, and the remaining titles in the same series will be available at a reasonably priced cost per checkout as well.  

But each first title in a series will only be available at $0 CPC for one week only!  

Save on CPC titles from Macmillan and Swerve today 

This week, add Shattered King, the first book in Sherilee Gray’s Lawless Kings series, to your digital collection at $0 CPC. Sherilee Gray’s raw, deeply-emotional voice will leave readers breathless long after the last page. 

You can also add Back Piece, the first book from LA. Witt’s Skin Deep, Inc., series for $0 CPC. Back Piece is a sexy, emotional journey of two people learning to love and finding acceptance for who they really are. 

Keep romance readers coming back for more by adding the remaining Lawless Kings and Skin Deep, Inc., titles to your collection in CPC as well! Visit the Cost Per Circ section of Marketplace to get started today. 

About the author: Jill Grunenwald is a Marketing & Communications Specialist on the North America Public Library Marketing Team. A former librarian, she joined OverDrive in 2015. Outside of the office she can be found writing, hanging out with her cats, collecting more Tarot decks than she has room for, and playing competitive pinball. Her favorite genre is something she calls “Murder at an educational institution that involves a close-knit group of suspicious characters.”