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Print vs. Digital Books

What you need to know

What benefits do schools gain by going digital? This white paper allows you to:

  • Learn a new equation to determine the value of ebooks and audiobooks
  • Explore lesser-known efficiencies not possible with print
  • Analyze a hypothetical 8-year ROI comparison
  • Discover alternate purchasing and licensing models

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Step 1: Learn about our value to you

4 ways your peers get the most from digital books

Education leaders use ebooks and audiobooks in innovative ways. Learn how four educators are using digital titles to maximize student agency, personalization, integration and engagement.

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Step 2: See how others have succeeded


Napa Valley USD ebook integration

When the Napa Valley Unified School District (CA) was ready to go digital, they might have predicted the benefits of more diverse content and students without internet access being able to read offline. They might not have guessed that Lexiles would improve.

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Digital vs. Paper Books: Let’s Do the Math!

With millions of students using digital devices in schools already, the question of print versus digital is a timely and serious one. Get an in-depth look at a new equation to determine the value of ebooks and audiobooks to schools, lesser-known efficiencies that aren’t possible in print and a hypothetical 8-year ROI comparison.

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