ELA ebooks: Digital class sets

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A nationwide survey found going digital in ELA to be the area K-12 administrators believe to be most beneficial to supporting learning. Here’s why schools of all shapes and sizes are making this critical shift away from the traditional stacks of print texts:

  • Boosting long-term cost effectiveness: ELA digital class sets can never be damaged, lost or stolen, and a central access platform reduces the number of copies needed – seamlessly share ebook titles across districts and schools
  • Fully leveraging devices (1:1 and student owned)
  • Maximizing classroom time
  • More deeply engaging students in reading and empowering their experience through ebooks with note taking, highlighting and dictionary tools

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We appreciate that every district and school is unique.

OverDrive specializes in aligning budget considerations, content needs and expectations to create ELA ebook solutions designed for long-term digital success.

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