Recent studies show that two in five American households subscribe to a video streaming service like Netflix. This highlights the steady growth in popularity and high demand of streaming content, where consumers are looking for instant entertainment.

With OverDrive’s streaming video collection, the library can offer the community another streaming option. By adding streaming video to your existing collection of eBooks and audiobooks, you could potentially reach new movie-loving users. You can provide access to streaming entertainment to people that can’t afford to subscribe to a paid service and, for that growing number of library card holders that are also Netflix subscribers, you can offer a unique supplementary collection of films they can’t find on Netflix.

We recently shared some family-friendly and children’s classics that are available through OverDrive but you won’t find streaming on Netflix. Below you’ll find a similar selection of hand-picked selection of ten award-winning dramas, dark comedies, campy favorites, and old Hollywood classics, all available for purchase in OverDrive Marketplace. Just click the arrow next to the Shop tab and select “Cost Per Circ” to browse the Warner Bros. collection and find these titles and many more.

1. Everything is Illuminated
Elijah Wood stars in the movie based on Jonathan Safran Foer’s critically-acclaimed novel of the same name.

2. I Am Sam
A moving drama about a developmentally disabled father fighting for the right to care for his daughter. Starring Sean Penn, Dakota Fanning and Michelle Pfeiffer.

3. Life as a House
Rebuilding a house helps a terminally-ill father connect with his troubled son. Starring Kevin Kline, Hayden Christensen and Kristin Scott Thomas.

4. Death to Smoochy
This dark Robin Williams comedy about rival children’s TV stars is definitely not for kids, despite the appearance of Edward Norton in a pink rhino suit on the cover.

5. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Based on the off-beat Broadway hit, the film has become a cult classic about an East Berlin transgender rock star named Hedwig … you’ll have to watch the movie to learn about the angry inch.

6. This Boy’s Life
In one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s first big movie roles, he plays a boy struggling with his relationship with an abusive stepfather, played by Robert De Niro.

7. Stand and Deliver
This drama based on a true story is set at an East Los Angeles high school and chronicles a math teacher that helps change the lives of his students. Starring Edward James Olmos, Andy Garcia and Lou Diamond Phillips.

8. Father of the Bride
The 1950 classic starring Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor about a father dealing with the joys and pains of planning his daughter’s wedding led to the popular 1991 remake with Steve Martin.

9. Little Women
Based on the timeless book by Louisa May Alcott, the 1949 adaptation ofLittle Women stars Elizabeth Taylor, June Allyson, Janet Leigh and Margaret O’Brien.

10. The Shop Around the Corner
If you’re like me and have a deep love for You’ve Got Mail, you have to seeThe Shop Around the Corner, the 1940 movie starring Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan that inspired the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan rom com.


Titles may have limited regional or platform availability. Check OverDrive Marketplace to find what is available for you.


Melissa Marin is a Marketing Specialist at OverDrive. She recommends having a box of tissues nearby while watching ‘I Am Sam’.