Managing your Metered Access content and keeping up with user demand can be a challenge. We’re committed to simplifying this process, and saving you time and effort on repurchasing expiring Metered Access titles. Earlier this year, we introduced features to assist selectors with shopping and reporting for Metered Access content. To build on that, we’ve now enhanced the weekly auto-generated carts and emails for expiring Metered Access titles.

Based on partner feedback, these carts and emails will only include titles when the last copy expires in the next 30 days. (Formerly, these carts and emails included titles when any copy was expiring within 30 days, even if additional copies had been purchased). When your library repurchases an expiring title, the title will no longer be included in subsequent auto-generated carts or emails. This mirrors the way the carts and emails are generated for titles metered by checkout, and it means you no longer have to keep track of the titles you already repurchased.

To help you with repurchasing decisions, the carts and emails now show two new columns (these columns show in all carts):

  • 1st copy added to site (regardless of lending model) – the date your library first purchased the title.
  • Last copy expires – the furthest expiration date, considering all the copies owned.

Additionally, weeded titles are now excluded from these carts and emails. This is noted in the email, which directs library staff to the “Weed/unweed collection” tool in Marketplace to take a look at currently weeded titles. (Note: The “Weed/unweed collection” tool is available to Marketplace users with “Library site admin” and “Weeding” permissions.)

For additional information, please see the Marketplace User Guide and contact your Collection Development Specialist with any questions.


Heather Valentine-Gold is an Account Specialist with OverDrive