A young professional wakes up and reads USA Today with her morning coffee. The newspaper isn’t delivered to her apartment each morning – she enjoys it digitally on her iPhone while preparing for another busy day. At lunch, there isn’t enough time to really dive into Brown Girl Dreaming, the biography she’s borrowed from her library, so instead she flips through a few magazines to pass the time. First, she grabs the latest issue of Newsweek before discovering her next vacation locale in National Geographic and finally finding a great recipe to try for dinner in this month’s edition of Fine Cooking. What do these reading experiences have in common? They were all on her smart phone, and they were all borrowed from her public library.

FotorCreatedReaders love discovering new eBooks and audiobooks in their favorite genres from the library, but that’s not all they read. Magazines and newspapers are read by millions of users each day as a way to keep up with current events or their favorite sports teams, learn new things or as a guilty pleasure by skimming through the latest gossip. If you’re offering your patrons digital periodicals through OverDrive, each time your users reach for their favorite magazine or newspaper it boosts your circulation.

It may take someone a week to finish one eBook from your library, but they can enjoy multiple digital magazines and newspapers in that time – which is why every library that has added OverDrive Periodicals has seen a spike in circulation. Periodicals are available for simultaneous use – which means no wait lists – and they’re always up to date with the most current issues.

Libraries in Texas, New Hampshire, Michigan and all over the country have watched their circulation skyrocket since adding digital magazines and newspapers from OverDrive, and yours can do the same. We’ve made it easy and affordable to add OverDrive Periodicals by creating collections of the most popular titles starting at less than $.02 per copy! If this is your first time purchasing periodicals, click here for details on your access fee, and then check out these great collections:

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