Together with my fiancée, I am currently dealing with the joy and stress of planning our wedding.  And despite the fact that I am a 4x bridesmaid and a former cater-waiter, I still need A LOT of help.  Help from our parents and friends, help from blogs and websites, and help from books at the library. It can take a legion of people to make this very specialwedding animated GIF day happen, whether the couple is having a budget-conscious casual wedding at a local park, or an expensive and lavish wedding at a swanky banquet hall.

So for the variety of patrons who will be involved in a wedding this year, I’m happy to present you with a collection of wedding and marriage books for brides, grooms, members of the wedding party, professionals, and beyond.  More than a list of wedding guides and lookbooks, this list includes books for those who may need a little help reducing stress (guilty), fitness and diet guides for those who want to look their best before the big day (guilty), and self-improvement and advice titles for the Happily Ever After of post-wedding life… you know, that whole marriage thing I’ve heard so much about lately.  Also included manuals for wedding professionals such as photographers and officiants, and craft books for the DIY’ers and Etsy sellers (doubly guilty).

And to keep a little levity and perspective, there are plenty of humor books as well.  Because after an afternoon of mutual ranting and shared stress-eating of Girl Scout cookies with your chosen life-partner-to-be (aka my last Sunday), you need a good laugh.

Liz Tousey is a Collection Development Analyst with OverDrive