Children’s books have a way of shaping who we become, not just as readers, but as people. They are our first introduction to literature, often times on the laps of our parents, and they teach us valuable lessons that never truly leave us. It’s no wonder that many of the most inspiring quotes you’ll find come from these classic titles. Below you’ll find ten of Team OverDrive’s favorite children’s book quotes and what they’ve taught us.



It’s important to remember that we are not alone in this big world. If you’re willing to look you can always find a kindred spirit.



Anytime you need to escape from the stress and troubles of your life you need only open a book. The stories and worlds you can experience by reading are endless.



No matter how much you think you know about someone you can still be surprised by what they have inside them. Sometimes you might think you fully understand a person and then they can change your mind with a single word.



Libraries are not just places for silent reading (although they’re great for that as well). They are buildings of self discovery, adventure, learning and excitement!



It may seem silly but it’s ok to believe in fairy tales; that there is magic in this world that can shape what we don’t understand. Oh, and that big things can come in small packages! Right, Tink?



It can be frustrating growing up with parents who feel like they’re smothering us. Cherish those moments because when you’re all grown up and are having a rough day you’ll sometimes wish you could crawl into your parents arms and know they’re there to protect you. Oh, and If you can’t get a hug from mom, maybe have something sweet…like some honey!



Knowledge is power! There’s nothing stopping you from learning and being successful. Sometimes, in order to get where you want to go, all you have to do is pick up the right book!



Saying goodbye can be soul crushingly difficult but it’s also a part of life. When you give your whole heart to something and it returns the favor it can seem impossible to survive when that relationship endss but it will get better. We also learned that the best friends in the world might just come with four legs and floppy ears.



Selfless acts can be difficult but necessary even if they aren’t appreciated in the moment. When you truly love someone you’ll find you’re capable of sacrificing everything to help them succeed.



It’s important to believe in others even when those around you might not. The simple action of believing in something can be enough to make it real… even if that thing happens to be a unicorn.


What are some of your favorite children’s book quotes?


Adam Sockel is a Social Media Specialist at OverDrive. He believes that a love of literature can be taught and thanks his mom for teaching it to him.