It’s no secret that readers love choices. As Collection Development Librarians can attest, it’s a constant challenge to add new, quality content to keep everyone happy and make sure no one walks away from your library empty handed. The same, of course, can be said for your digital collection. It’s essential to make sure your users have options.

One of the many benefits of your OverDrive-powered digital library is that you can offer the ability for your readers to access multiple formats on one platform. This means that users can grab eBook and audiobook versions of a title and get the most out of the digital reading experience.

To increase the value of your collection the “OverDrive Elves” have created two carts for you to access that are sure to make your holiday shopping much easier. The first cart shows you all the audiobook titles that you own as eBooks and the second shows you all the eBook titles you currently own as audiobooks. Purchasing these gap carts will round out your collection and assure your users can always choose whatever format they like, no matter what title they borrow. With thousands of titles up to 50% off currently, now is the best time to get the most out of your year-end budget.


To save you even more time in Marketplace here are two great holiday sale lists to help you save money this holiday season:

Titles available in our Holiday Sale currently on hold in your collection
Titles available in our Holiday Sale you don’t currently own (sorted by popularity)

If you’re not seeing these carts or would like some additional purchasing assistance, remember you can always contact your OverDrive Collection Specialist. They’re hard at work in our “workshop” making lists and checking them twice and are happy to help!