By Adam Sockel, Social Media Specialist and OverDrive’s resident Seuss fanatic.

ReadingCommunityMarch is known as National Reading Month, a time to celebrate the joy of all things reading. The month kicks off with one of our favorite holidays, Read Across America, on March 2nd as libraries and schools all over the country celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday by reading one of his classic children’s titles aloud and throwing “Cat in the Hat” themed parties. This got us thinking that the perfect way to celebrate National Reading Month would be to take the Read Across America idea and help make it a daily event.

Each day in March lets create reading happiness by spending time reading to children. Whether it’s in the library during story time or at home before bed, we can help create a lifelong reader by showing children how wonderful books are at a young age. Studies show that kids who are read to at least three times a week are almost twice as likely to score in the top 25% in reading scores. These popular OverDrive Read-Along titles are perfect books for getting young readers excited about books. They’re full of colorful images and offer interactive narrations that can be easily followed along.

DrSeussPeople tend to consider reading something you do by yourself but it connects you with people around the world and in your own home who are reading the same books with you. During March, let’s make reading a community event by taking some time each day to show our youngest readers how great books and stories are. Let’s get them excited about reading now and they’ll be hooked for life. Or, as Dr. Seuss would say…“Be awesome, be a book nut!”