By Adam Sockel, who forever believes in whimsy 


March 2nd is a big day for libraries and schools across the country. This date marks the birthday of Dr. Seuss and is celebrated as Read Across America, a day where librarians, teachers and classes read classic Dr. Seuss stories aloud and throw Cat in the Hat themed parties. This day is also my favorite literary holiday personally as I am OverDrive’s official “Seuss-o-phile” (working on adding this to my official title). Stop by my desk and you’ll find Seuss artwork, mugs and the aforementioned Cat’s hat. I even have a quote from Oh, The Places You’ll Go tattooed on my arm. Suffice to say, the good doctor has inspired me my whole life and continues to do so.

It is my hope that you’ll spend some time not just today, but every day, reading aloud to young children either during story time at the library or at home if you have little ones of your own. As we mentioned yesterday, March is National Reading Month, making this the perfect time to share your favorite children’s books and help create a whole new generation of readers. Whether you’ve never read a Dr. Seuss book before or you’re obsessive on my level and have a pet named Yuzz-a-ma-Tuzz I hope you spend some time today diving into his classic whimsy.

Grab a Thneed blanket (if you can find one) and hide away in your favorite nook to re-introduce yourself to Yertle, Horton and the Sneetches. Remember, all of these Dr. Seuss titles are available from OverDrive as beautiful fixed-layout eBooks so while you’re enjoying them you’ll be going paperless and helping the environment as well! I imagine the Lorax would appreciate that fact. After all, he speaks for the trees…