By: Christina Samek, OverDrive Marketing Specialist

OverDrive Read has always been the preferred option for our student users across the world. It’s easy to use, requires no additional sign-ins or software and opens conveniently in a web browser. It’s also the option utilized most by educators when offering our class and novel-sets. The fact that schools love OverDrive Read isn’t shocking, as it’s the best option available for usage in and outside a classroom.

One of the chief reasons OverDrive Read has been so popular in our school communities is the fact that it offers a note-taking feature. Students are able to highlight a section of text while making a note, excellent for retention, paper-writing, and questions for in class discussion. I remember being a student myself, wishing I could fill my borrowed Siddartha with notes in the margins. It would have helped me through some of the more difficult passages. If only OverDrive Read had been available! Your students don’t have to worry though, they can make as many notes as they see fit.


And now, they don’t have to worry about losing them upon retuning their titles. Our recent update to our school platform, includes a History & notes page. This page, accessible from the student’s Account, allows them to quickly see which titles they’ve borrowed, access the details page to borrow the title again and access the new Notes & highlights pages. Notes & highlights show highlighted passages, the colors of the highlights and any notes made in an OverDrive Read eBook. The pages also show reading information such as how many pages were read, how long the book was open and more.

The notes are even printable should you students want to quickly reference them for homework, book reports or in class discussion. It’s also a great opportunity for educators to check-in and review their students’ progress.

If you have any questions about the new features, please reach out to your Account Specialist, today.