By: Todd Warhola, OverDrive Collection Development Analyst.

It’s nearly summer time and we all know what that means…Summer reading! The eHighlights offices are once again atwitter with new book excitement. This month we have two new issues we are eHighlighting!

The June Adult Edition of eHighlights focuses on new material from old favorites. This edition includes new content from Nora Roberts, Stuart Woods, and Annie Proulx! I’m really excited about Chuck Klosterman’s new book “But What If We’re Wrong?” which takes a look at present day thoughts, ideas, and circumstances through the lens of a person living in the future. This book questions everything from the usefulness of Democracy to the extinction of sporting events. All while considering that it’s possible that we’ve got it all wrong.

The Kids & Teens Spring 2016 Edition eHighlights focuses on great new material for kids of all ages. Here we focus on new material from Kwame Alexander, Meg Cabot, and John Grisham! Personally, I’m excited about all the quality picture books included in this edition. From “Horrible Bear” by Ame Dyckman to “Cars Go” by Steve Light, they each bring with them a fun experience for reader and child alike. My favorite is “Beard in a Box by Bill Cotter, a funny picture book about a son who wants to be cool like his dad. He decides what makes his dad cool is his beard. He sees an ad on TV for a Beard in a Box and hilarity ensues.

We never stop moving at eHighlights. You can start getting excited for our upcoming debut school edition which will be out soon.

Happy Reading!