It’s no secret that kids growing up in today’s society are comfortable with technology. Many toddlers are raised with tablets, smart phones and laptops surrounding them and it’s not long before parents use these tools to help entertain them through eBooks, educational games or episodes of Sesame Street. Growing up in a digital world means that using these devices is second nature to the youth of today. Remembering long or confusing passwords though is something they likely struggle with just as much as the rest of us.

OD_QuickStart_LogoWith that in mind, we’ve made logging into our K-5 QuickStart program simple and easy. In fact, Simple is right in the name. Simple Login allows all students in a building to log in to your school’s digital eBook collection using the same easy-to-remember User ID. This removes barriers to reading for students who don’t have individual IDs or may have difficulty remembering an individual ID.

Classrooms who are using K-5 QuickStart can have students reading on their devices in no time. Simply put your shared password up on the board and the students can instantly begin accessing the simultaneous use narrated Read-Alongs, picture books and all the other great content available in this package. Simple Login is designed with your youngest students in mind and helps let your teachers easily combine technology and reading right in the classroom.