ChildrensBookWeek_504x504May is known nationwide as “Get Caught Reading” month, a time to not only celebrate your love of all things bookish but to let the world see your adoration by “getting caught” reading. As the cast of Hamilton would say, “Shout it from the rooftops!” The overarching goal of this literary campaign is to remind people of all ages how much fun it is to read and there are loads of creative ways to spread the word.

A perfect pairing for this month occurs during the first week of May as the 2nd-8th is Children’s Book Week. Set up special story times where patrons and community leaders can read to your youngest library users to show them the joys of literature. Let the little ones share their favorite books, draw their favorite characters and pose for “got caught reading” photos!

cary-elwesLibrarians and teachers across the country can embrace the campaign by setting up “Get Caught Reading” corners, allocating a special time each day for leisure reading, and taking pictures of students “caught reading” for classroom posters. You can even set up a “photo booth” to capture your patrons as they read your favorite titles. For inspiration check out the collection of celebrities on the Get Caught Reading website (why hello, Dread Pirate Roberts…ahem, Westley).

Of course, librarians celebrate the wonder and whimsy that can be found in the pages of a book every single day but we’re always looking for fun ways to promote the library. Get Caught Reading Month is a perfect excuse to show off how your library is creating reading happiness every single day.