By: Adam Sockel, OverDrive Social Media Specialist

OverDrive Marketplace is the cornerstone of your library’s digital collection. It’s where you add content for your users, access reporting and curate your lists. Marketplace is vital to the success of your OverDrive-powered website which is why we are constantly working to improve it’s functionality. The most recent updates improve a revamped Recommend to Library Manager and some useful features in your cart details pages.

Thunder_Recommend to library_popup_650x329
Recommend to Library Manager

Recommend to Library (RTL) has become a popular feature that gives your patrons a voice in collection development. To get the most out of this tool it’s vital to access the RTL Manager frequently to assure you’re up to speed on the requests that are coming in from your community. The RTL Manager lets you automate the purchasing process and it’s been updated to align with our other automated purchasing tools. You can find the full update on what’s new with RTL Manager here.

New Add/Remove columns feature for cart details

To help make shopping easier than ever, we’ve added a more visible “Add/Remove columns” section above the cart details grid. This will help you more easily view the cart columns that are most helpful for your shopping process. The columns that display are customizable at the unique Marketplace user level.

Ability to filter the Purchase order history report by billing account

This new ability enables consortia members and libraries with multiple billing accounts to narrow down results for easier reporting. If you have an Advantage account, you will be able limit search results to see just your Advantage orders.

If you have any questions or have some features you’d like to see in OverDrive Marketplace, please contact your Collection Development Specialist.