By: Kristin Milks, OverDrive Collection Development Analyst.

What if you could live a life you thought was lost? Walk through a door and be a different version of yourself. Would you do it? Are you happy with the choices you’ve made?

Jason wakes up in a place he doesn’t know around people he’s never met, but who all seem to know him. While trying to figure out who he is, if he’s crazy, and what is going on he discovers that in this place he is known as a genius who discovered something that is deemed impossible. But Jason doesn’t want to live this life. He wants his wife and son back, but at what price?

Thrilling and mildly philosophical, Dark Matter made for a page turning thrill ride that kept the reader thinking. The author, Blake Crouch, took quantum theory and made it digestible for the popular reader. Crouch was not heavy handed in his use of the theory, but explained the science and the ramifications as the story unfolded, which I, the non-science minded reader, appreciated. My favorite parts of the book were looks down the road not taken and how our choices affect our future. My only complaint was that the character development was weak. The secondary characters are talked about a lot, but they aren’t three dimensional.

Dark Matter lumps into The Martian reading group. They both use science as the keystone, but are able to capture the attention of those outside the science/science fiction community. I suspect this will be a popular book. Before you begin reading make sure you have time to ignore the world and dive into this book.