How students can build a lifelong relationship with technology through eBooks


CLEVELAND, OH – August 29, 2016 – Technology in the classroom can be a scary thought for some teachers, but it doesn’t have to be. The simplest way schools can integrate technology into the classroom is to start with reading. A digital reading platform with eBooks and audiobooks empowers students to take charge of their own learning and maintain a sense of privacy. According to a 2016 OverDrive and ASCD survey, educators across the country agree that they see at least one benefit in using eBooks and audiobooks over print in the classroom. The most commonly cited benefit was the ability to deliver individualized instruction.

Reading is at the core of most classroom work. English and language arts, history, and even math. Great reading comprehension supports all facets of the curriculum. Digital reading allows students to absorb content at their own pace.

“Digital content has put a sense of adventure and joy back into reading. Students can read above or below grade level or read titles dealing with controversial or sensitive subjects without comment from their peers,” said Kate MacMillan, coordinator of library services and digital resource project manager at Napa Valley Unified School District.

Learning behind a screen creates an innate sense of privacy. It lets students explore their learning capacity on a device, online or offline, with devices like a Chromebook™ or tablet, some of their first and most familiar learning tools in today’s world. When introducing eBooks and audiobooks, digital solutions such as OverDrive Education’s custom digital reading platform make technology elegantly simple for teachers and students. Introducing digital books into the classroom isn’t introducing a new skill in class, but augmenting an already necessary skill.

For the youngest students, eBooks are an excellent, approachable gateway into a lifelong relationship with technology. A tool that fosters reading, a skill essential to success in any subject, is good technology. OverDrive Education’s K-12 catalog provides over two million titles to choose from, whether it’s for beginning readers or young adults preparing for college. eBooks on the OverDrive Education reading platform are easy to use and come equipped with key features such as an exportable note-taking and highlighting tool, a built-in dictionary, and a dyslexic font. High achievers and struggling readers thrive in the same, easy-to-use platform.

Make eBooks the first dip into the waters of integrating technology into classrooms. For more information about the OverDrive Education service for schools, visit


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