When adding Manga titles to your collection it’s possible you assume that they’re just for entertainment reading, however Manga can be great for children and teen education purposes as well. Manga titles often include wisdom and knowledge while maintaining the characteristics of being fun, easy to understand and something readers can relate to and enjoy. That’s why manga can not only entertain a reader, but also teach them various information and mindsets while touching on new thematic elements. Manga can welcome a reader to a completely new world, and help guide their growth.

A Silent Voice vol.1In 2015, the Nippon Foundation launched project “Manga Edutainmment”. In this project, 100 outstanding mangas that can be read for fun and education were chosen, and these are distributed not only within Japan, but to overseas readers as well. These 100 titles include 11 genres such as literature, history, science etc. The Nippon Foundation aims to make society better through “Edutainment” of manga.

In OverDrive’s catalog there are currently 7 Kodansha Advanced Media (KAM) manga titles that have been chosen by Manga Edutainmment including:

A Silent Voice
Drops of God
Nodame Cantabile
Space Brothers
Vinland Saga

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