By: Melissa Marin, OverDrive Marketing Specialist

What are you doing next August? We hope the answer is joining us in Cleveland for Digipalooza! If you work with OverDrive at your library, this is a conference you need to add to your professional development calendar for 2017. Registration is open now and while we can tell you all day about how great it is (we may be a little biased), we’d rather share with you the top five reasons you can’t miss Digipalooza according to some of the direct feedback we received from Digipalooza 2015 attendees. With 98% of previous attendees saying they would recommend Digipalooza to a friend or colleague, we’ll let them tell you why:

  1. Networking, networking, networking.

“I loved the ability to meet librarians from around the world, learn about other libraries’ approaches to managing their OverDrive collections, and the chance to give direct feedback to multiple OverDrive employees.”

“The opportunity to meet and hear from people who do what I do is fantastic, since I’m “solo” in my library, often feeling like I’m isolated. There are so many innovations and best practices that we can learn from and adopt.”

  1. Learn how to put ideas into action.

digipalooza_504x504“I appreciated that in leaving, I had actionable items/ideas from the librarian presentations.”

“I learned so much that we can quickly implement with an expectation of higher circ! I feel like I reaped low-hanging fruit that I didn’t even know existed.”

  1. We work hard and play hard.

“The atmosphere was fun–not dry or boring! Of course, the great meals/snacks and the parties were a blast, as well.”

“The enthusiasm of all involved was contagious. The energy was remarkable.”

  1. Let us make it easy for you.

“I liked being able to get jam packed information relevant to my job all in one place, without having to look at a huge matrix of workshop options that may not be too closely related to my work. I also really sensed that OverDrive staff was absorbing all of the suggestions and ideas generated at the conference to take back to the drawing board.”

“It is so convenient that all meals were included so we didn’t have to worry about leaving and possibly missing sessions to find food.”

  1. Come see what all the fuss is about.

“It was fun, fast paced, and informative. It is THE best organized and well-planned event.”

“This was absolutely the best conference I’ve ever attended in my twenty-plus years as a librarian!”

We appreciate the positive responses from our previous attendees and want you to see why they love it. Register now for Digipalooza 2017 to learn how to innovate, engage and succeed with your digital collection!