By Rachel Woods, Librarian and Collection Development Analyst with OverDrive

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Happy October! Time to get your favorite sweaters out of storage, fire up the crock pot, and flavor everything with pumpkin. It’s also time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. And what better costume inspiration can you get than from watching movies? With this month’s sale on Horror and Foreign Films, you’ll have plenty of looks to choose from.

Here are some Horror titles with potential costume ideas:

Now that you’ve figured out your costume, here are some highlights from the Foreign Films:

  • Thérèse (French) Thérèse is settling in to her luxuriously provincial life when her friend’s passionate affair makes her think that she should want more from her repressive marriage.
  • The Act of Killing (Indonesian) Winner at the 67th BAFTA Awards for Best Documentary. This film interviews two of the infamous gangsters who led the death squads during the Indonesian killings of 1965-1966.
  • Found Memories (Portuguese) Winner at the 2012 RiverRun International Film Festival of the Best Narrative Feature Jury Award. A young photographer travels to a secluded village and shakes things up for its sleepy residents.
  • The Trap (Serbo-Croatian) In exchange for saving his son’s life, a man is tasked with killing a complete stranger.
  • The Pope’s Toilet (Spanish) In anticipation of a visit from the Pope, one particularly scheming resident plans to build a toilet in front of his house and make people pay to use it.
  • The Drummer (Chinese) Sid, the son of a mafia crime boss, gets on the wrong side of his father’s enemy and has to go into hiding. Outside of the city, he encounters a group of Zen drummers and wants to join them.