Cooler temperatures make this the perfect time to revisit a favorite childhood project: the blanket fort. Whether you use your dining room table, sofa cushions, high back chairs, or something more elaborate, try these 20 suggestions once settled in your fuzzy igloo.

1. Eat one last slice of pie


2. Study


3. Actively avoid studying


4. Take a nap


5. Read an eBook (because this is gross)


6. Draw up plans for the perfect winter daywinter plans



7. Escape the annoying people in your house


8. Listen to an audiobook


9. Listen to a podcast with a friend


10. Enjoy a nice warm beverage


11. And maybe a burrito


12. Start a pillow fight


13. Revisit a classic. Classic comic, that is.


14. Relive the moment you *nailed it*


15. Start writing your memoirs


16. Do some compact, light yoga


17. Play a board game


18. Embody your favorite literary character


19. Pretend last week never happened


Seriously. Never happened.


20. Make plans to take over the world


GIFs courtesy of GIPHY