Recently, Tech & Learning and OverDrive Education teamed up to create a white-paper about how districts are leveraging their investments in technology to use eBooks and other digital resources to improve students’ reading proficiency, frequency and achievement. Students benefit from an easy-to-use solution that offers 24/7 access so that learning can happen anytime and anywhere.

The more students read, the more likely they are to think critically, learn independently and develop a lifelong love of reading. Research shows that using a variety of texts helps students develop strategies to understand, analyze and synthesize information.

Schools want customized digital resources

Schools are increasing access to digital resources with 21st-century school libraries that provide novels, non-fiction on every topic and other materials on demand.

With the growing use of 1:1 solutions, districts leverage the value of their investment with 24/7 access to digital materials. Using the OverDrive digital reading platform which is customized for each school or district, students can find eBooks and audiobooks that are aligned with curriculum, develop a love of reading and improve performance in all content areas.

Digital content is customizable, convenient, and engaging. It enables teachers to personalize instruction, encourages students to read independently and holds student attention. In addition, digital resources can be updated quickly, may be adapted to address students’ learning differences and styles and can offer interactive functions that pique student interests. The result is that students improve reading proficiency, frequency and achievement.

Shared collections and digital curriculum integration

Download the full white-paper and learn more about how OverDrive supports 21st-century learning and teaching at the Tech & Learning website and see a suite of OverDrive Education success stories featuring shared collections, digital curriculum integration and more.