By: Hadie Bartholomew, OverDrive Communications Manager

We’re excited to announce that HarperCollins has joined the growing list of publishers working with OverDrive to add Cost-per-Circ (CPC) as an additional use model for their eBooks and audiobooks. The CPC model will be available for a portion of the HarperCollins eBook and audiobook catalog, alongside the current metered access one copy/one user.  OverDrive has always advocated for more and broader access for libraries and their readers. Working closely with the publishing community, libraries and school partners can mix their collections with a variety of access models starting later this year.

HarperCollins will offer an initial eBook catalog of 15,000 titles from their global English language catalog and 7,400 audiobook titles in the CPC model. Coming later this year, titles available will include content from HarperCollins US and Canada, Harlequin, HarperCollins Christian and the UK, and Australia divisions as well. Libraries and schools that select content available under the CPC model will only incur a charge when a reader borrows a title.

A common goal of libraries and schools is to reach more readers. Being able to choose from a variety of access models per title allows budgets to be used more efficiently, and the opportunity to engage more readers with a broader catalog of eBooks and audiobooks. Working together with publishers, OverDrive is helping broaden options for schools and libraries to share more eBooks and audiobooks with their readers.

For more information about CPC or to take advantage of any of the access models, contact your OverDrive collection development specialist. Publishers seeking to grow their sales and expand their reach using these additional sales models should contact their OverDrive publisher account specialist.