By: Beau Livengood, OverDrive Account Specialist

Costco got us. We went in for 5 specific things, but then they have that featured item that grabs your attention and you just can’t pass it up (kind of like a good curated collection). This time it was a tent, and both my wife and I thought it was too good of a deal to ignore. I have to admit, I haven’t been camping in a very long time. Add in 1-year old twins and I feel like I need to learn a lot before we can actually go. But it is summer here and we now have a tent. Luckily there are lots of eBooks to teach me everything I need to know.

Camping eBooks

The Pocket Guide to Camping – If I had to choose only 1 book to read, this would be it. The packing lists for each aspect are especially helpful.

Camping for Dummies – No further explanation necessary.

Camping with Kids – Fits our needs perfectly! Goes over camping in a tent, car and RV.

Camping Activity Book for Families – The other titles will help with the logistics of camping, but this one focuses on the fun.

The Green Guide to Low-Impact Hiking and Camping – We hike a lot and always try to abide by the “leave no trace” principle. Camping should be the same way and can have much more serious consequences on the environment.

There are even Read Alongs to get students/children excited:

Curious George Goes Camping

Flat Stanley Goes Camping

The Camping Trip

Travel guide eBooks

In addition to general camping tips and guides, there are specific books on camping at some of the best destinations in the US such as Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Utah, and New York. The Moon Outdoors and Best Tent Camping series both have state-specific titles focusing on the ideal spots among some of the world’s most beautiful scenery.

A lot of families will be hitting the road this summer, and camping is a great way to not only experience something outside the norm, but save money, too. Titles on camping coupled with travel guides would make for a great curated collection for the summer, so inspire your users to get outside!