This part of the summer is long. Late July marks the point when many of us are sick of the sunshine, the humidity, the film of sunscreen. It’s too hot to bike to the pool, which has lost its refreshing edge anyway. The low hum of air conditioning offers the only gift of comfort. Ironically, many of us crave the indoors at the height of summer the same way we do the depths of winter. These are the dog days of summer.

Here are some things to do while you’re holed up inside, waiting for the indolence and boredom to pass.

Reread your favorite book.

We recently published a list of books to read by the pool. When the sunscreen wears off, or worse, slides into your eyes, take these titles indoors.

Draw your own comic. Or something.

Get inspiration from our extensive catalog of comics and graphic novels and how-tos.


Build a blanket fort.

Maybe one of us here at OverDrive never took down the blanket fort built in January. Ahem. Dark, quiet and whimsical knows no season and there are plenty of things to do in a blanket fort.


Pet a kitty.


Teach your dog a new trick.

Teach your other dog to keep the shade in check.


Make lists.

Admire your goals and intentions. Go ahead and ignore them, if you must.


Build something awesome.


Just sit there.


Go see a movie, maybe based on a book.


Have a nap.

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