By: Sasha Zborovsky, Marketing Intern.

Summer Flies Away

First it was June. Then July crept onto the calendar. And now, even July has slid away. “Back to School” sales are in their prime and you cringe when your English teacher sends you that short, yet terrifying email that reminds you to finish summer homework: an assignment you have yet to start.

But do not stress. At this point in the year, as a student, you have two options.

Option One

Prepare responsibly for the back to school. Follow your mother or father down the aisles of Target for plastic folders with gold fringe and mechanical pencils that will break in two months anyway. Finish writing the four-page summary of the book you read on the third day of June and whose plot you forgot on the 5th, or just sit and dread the boredom of the math class that looms in your future. These are unavoidable aspects of summer’s end. Accept your fate.

Option Two

Forget about September altogether. School is coming and there is no denying the passage of time. But you have 30 days to forget that, very soon, you won’t have the freedom to flee to the pool at will or wake up after seven am. The good news? If you’re still suffering the lassitude of Option One, escape by reading a book.

Your Last Month of a Literary Summer

During summer, the average student has approximately twice the amount of leisure than they do during the school year. And, to be perfectly honest, watching TV in summer is too much of hassle with the incessant glare from the sun. So, we read. We read everywhere. If you love the beach, grab a book with you next time you tan. If you love to sit inside the air-conditioned glory of suburban housing, read a book while you relax on the couch. Fill these last few moments of your summer with so many books that you turn a blind eye to that “Back to School” sale and lose yourself in the pages of a summer adventure.

Here are ten books for summer and about summer to enjoy in this last month of sunshine and freedom.

  1. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  2. This One Summer
  3. The Body
  4. The Last Summer of the Camperdowns
  5. The Summer After You and Me
  6. Once and for All
  7. Camino Island
  8. The Beach at Painter’s Cove
  9. The Lake Effect
  10. Carpe Diem