When we launched our eReading Rooms for Kids and Teens several years ago, the idea was simple. We wanted to create a safe, digital space where young readers could find age-appropriate titles, giving parents peace of mind. Kids could search through the website and parents never need to worry about them stumbling across adult titles or scandalous jacket covers.

The idea was born from the existence of physical spaces in libraries that are designed specifically for your younger users. eReading Rooms have since expanded to highlight materials for every corner of your community. We’ve designed Digital Business Libraries , genre-specific ones and eReading Rooms filled with titles in Chinese, Russian and Spanish for multilingual readers. They’re the perfect way to make certain collections “stand out in the crowd” of your digital library.

Your Account Specialists here at OverDrive can work with you to devise any creative version of an eReading Room you can conjure up. A perfect way to think about eReading Rooms is as a digital extension of the physical displays you’re constantly devising for the library. Are you showing off your library’s collection of superhero books and comics? Pair that with an eReading Room of similar content for readers both young and old. Are people coming into the library to take advantage of your makerspaces? Let us make an eReading Room of collections loaded with books about science and technology.

If you’re frequently setting up holiday-themed displays, we’ll make a holiday eReading Room with the one you’re currently celebrating being the featured curated collection. We can do the same thing with literary awards you’re promoting or even something as broad as the annual “Best of” lists that roll out every few months. Does your library host Dungeons & Dragons groups? Do you have a monthly book club? Whatever your library is known for in your community, there’s an eReading Room for that!

If you’re interested in created these or any other form of eReading Room, contact your OverDrive Account Specialist today.