Being a teenager is difficult. It’s an experience that every adult has gone through, yet it remains a situation that is nearly impossible to relate to. Each generation endures different trials and tribulations than the teenagers before them and so, despite the fact that we’ve all felt like an awkward 15 year old, it can be challenging trying to understand what current teens are going through today.

Teens wrestle with emotions they’re experiencing for the first time, the pressures of high school culture, depression, body image issues, and so much more. This, combined with frequent, troubling news about school shootings and the relentless stream of social media influence and it’s easy to see how quickly a negative environment can take over their lives.

These issues are difficult to talk about for teens and adults alike, which is why digital materials are so important for helping young adults cope with what they’re gong through. The privacy that eBooks and audiobooks offer young readers enables them to search for answers about whatever they’re going through without worrying about awkward interactions with parents, teachers or librarians.

Given the importance of these “tough topics” books, we’ve created several collections in Marketplace that you can browse and add to your collection here. It’s also important to make sure your teen readers know you offer these books so we’ve also provided editable marketing materials on our Resource Center. Providing these books and letting readers know they’re available is a great start to creating healthy and constructive lines of communication for teenagers who may be struggling with the daily pressures of growing up. Knowing answers are just one tap away can help relieve stress and improve their mental health.