By: Jill Grunenwald, Marketing and Communications Specialist

It’s Memorial Day here in the United States, which means you may not be reading this until Tuesday, but like I’ve been doing for the past couple weeks, here’s a roundup of interesting links you may have missed last week.

And, remember, even if your local library is closed for the holiday, their OverDrive collection is available 24/7.


Slate talks to four Fifty Shades of Grey fans about the movie Book Club
I am mostly amused at the fan who admitted she read Fifty Shades when she was a high-school student working at the local public library and she would just sneak peeks while at work. Can confirm: twenty years ago, when I was a page at my local public library, I would sneak read books in the stacks all the time. They also always were the ones I was too embarrassed or scandalized to check out and take home (if only OverDrive had been around back then!). Also, unrelated, but apparently I’ve been working in the library field for twenty years?

Our very own Steve Potash was interviewed in Crain’s Cleveland Business
One of the best things about this company is our fearless leader, Steve. His passion for this industry and this business is so infectious, you can’t help but also want to advocate for libraries and digital reading. OverDrive recently won the OHTech award for Large Tech Company of the Year and that is all because of Steve’s leadership and guidance.

Quartz discusses the Japanese bestselling self-help book that encourages readers to be disliked
I admit to being super curious of this concept, and I’m trying to not judge it based on the some of the passages presented in the article, but I’m skeptical. Luckily, the English version is out now so I can read it and decide for myself.

Bustle breaks down a study that asked the question do young really do prefer eBooks?
Okay, obviously I’m a little biased given that I work at OverDrive and all, but can we seriously table this whole paper v. eBook debate? Make no mistake, I read the Bustle article and went and the ScienceDaily post. I understand what they are saying regarding the ownership aspect, but reading is reading. Books are books. Unpopular opinion alert: one format is not, in any way, superior to the other. Also, I may work for OverDrive but I love physical books. Our house is full of books. We literally have run out of room for more books (not that it stops us from adding more, of course).

Also, note I am saying physical books. This is deliberate, because that’s the main difference in formats: physical books versus electronic books. This is me whenever the eBooks versus “real” books thing comes up:


#WhateverItTakes. The Ringer on LeBron James and Cleveland
As many of our librarians who have attended Digipalooza know, OverDrive is based in Cleveland we are very, very proud of this fact. We are also proud of our sports teams. By the time this post comes out on Monday, we’ll know whether or not the Cavs won over the Celtics or if the season for Cleveland is over. This essay does a good job reflecting on LeBron’s relationship with the state and city and I agree wholeheartedly with the author’s final statement regarding LeBron’s future.