Audiobook Month ends this week, which means you only have a few days left to take advantage of our audiobook sale. Over the years there has been a major increase in audiobook circulation and by purchasing some of the thousands of titles up to 50% off, you allow your patrons to experience stories to the fullest.

According to a recent article in Publishers Weekly: “Libraries remain major drivers for audiobook consumption as well. 52% of listeners said borrowing from a library or library website was instrumental to their listening habit, 43% said they downloaded an audiobook from a library, and 14% said they most often use the library for their digital listening.”

Beyond statistics though, there are countless anecdotal reasons why you should make sure your collection is loaded with new audiobooks this summer.

Travelin’ Band

Summer is a time for beaches and vacations. This doesn’t mean you have to lose track of your reading though. Audiobooks are great for plane rides, hikes and road trips.

Keep the car running

Speaking of road trips, if you happen to take one with the whole family, consider borrowing a title that the whole family can enjoy. Consider a memoir by a family favorite like Jim Henson, or something read by a celeb like Lin-Manuel Miranda. There’s also always something page-to-screen related that the whole family can enjoy before going to see a summer blockbuster.

Slip-n-Slide, don’t Summer Slide

For your school aged users, summer reading is critical to maintain their mental development. This can be a challenge with sports and extracurriculars taking precedence during the warmer months. Audiobooks are the perfect solution. Whether in the car or while they’re out and about on their phone.


Children aren’t the only ones who are busy during the summer. We all have yard work, gardening, taking kids to their various practices, and a myriad of other activities keeping us busy until school comes back. Accomplish these daily routines and enjoy some books with your ears at the same time.

Let’s do the Time Warp Again

Not only can you read books while you’re accomplishing other tasks, but you can also read more books thanks to the ability to speed up the playback speed. Now you don’t have to decide which of those beach reads you want to enjoy this summer. You can get through them all in record time!

Check out Marketplace for list of titles on sale and on hold and additional recommended lists here!