Students grow as readers when they have variety, independence and permission in their reading choices. This is why we designed the Sora student reading app to include public library access. Through this feature, students can browse and borrow ebooks and audiobooks from their local public library in addition to their school’s digital collection. We’ve made sure that only age-appropriate titles are displayed so their reading choices are both broad and relevant.

How can students access public library titles for educational and pleasure reading without ever leaving Sora?

  1. Sign in to Soraadd a library mobile.jpg
  2. From the menu in the upper right corner of Sora in your screen, select Add a public library
  3. Search for titles from the public library and borrow a book
  4. Add your public library card number when prompted
  5. Checkouts from school and public library collections will appear on the same Shelf

More reading choices, more diverse formats

With increased access to more ebooks and audiobooks from the public library, students enjoy a learning experience that is even more personalized. Educators appreciate the inclusive formats like audiobooks and tools such as dyslexic font available through Sora to engage all readers, no matter their reading level, preference, or pace. Sora provides simple, essential reading statistics: how many minutes a student has read, average time spent reading per session and consecutive days reading, public library books included. This data can help teachers make more informed decisions about what individual students need, and make responsive changes quickly to help that student succeed.

Learn more about this and all the other features that Sora offers.