Effective 3/19: In an effort to provide additional content to library users during these uncertain times, Penguin Random House and Macmillan US have changed their digital content policies for public libraries and schools worldwide. Below, please find specific updates regarding their respective changes.

Penguin Random House

To support the library and school communities during the global COVID-19 crisis, Penguin Random House (PRH) is offering additional purchasing options on PRH-published ebook and audiobook titles. These pricing updates are now reflected in OverDrive Marketplace and will be available through mid-June 2020.

Additional details:

    • PRH-published ebooks and audiobooks are now available in a 12-month term at 50% of the cost of the 24-month term option.
    • PRH-published ebooks and audiobooks are also available in a cost-per-circulation model at 10% of the cost of the 24-month term option.
    • These new models are offered in addition to PRH’s 24-month term for ebooks and One Copy/One User model for audiobooks.
    • These updates are available to all library and school partners worldwide.

Macmillan US

As of end of business day March 19, 2020, Macmillan US ebooks will be offered in a Metered Access model at a 24-month term. Macmillan has waved the embargo on ebook titles with further details below.

Additional details:

    • With this change, libraries will no longer be restricted from purchasing additional copies during the first 8 weeks following a title’s publication.
    • Macmillan is eliminating the one-unit perpetual access option. Titles currently preordered under the One Copy/One User model will be converted to the Metered Access model at a 24-month term. You can also order additional preorder units of these titles, as the one copy limit has been removed. Please contact your Account Manager if you’d like help reviewing these titles.
    • All Macmillan US ebooks will be eligible to move or share via Advantage Plus, with the exception of any titles owned in the One Copy/One User model.
    • There will be no changes to the lending terms for audiobook titles. Audiobook titles will remain available in the One Copy/One user model.
    • In light of this change, we will remove applicable patron messaging from Libby and your library’s OverDrive website.

OverDrive remains committed to working with our publishing partners to make as much content as possible available to libraries, schools, and your users. If further changes to lending models and available content occur, we will continue to provide updates on our blog, through partner emails, and our social media channels.