As part of our commitment to providing schools with quality no-cost, simultaneous access content, we’re excited to announce that we’re donating the Everyone Reads: Spanish Titles for Young Readers collection to schools with the Sora reading app.

Spanish-language titles for your youngest readers

Available now through Oct. 1, 2023, this collection replaces the former OverDrive Community Read: Spanish Titles for Young Readers collection. The new bundle includes dozens of Spanish-language ebook and Read-Along titles for students.

These titles can be accessed by as many students as need them at a time, no holds or waitlists, making them a great way to engage your youngest readers. A full title list is available in Marketplace here, or can be viewed publicly here under the Spanish Titles for Young Readers tab.

Notable titles from the collection include:

*Please note: Title availability may vary by region.

Key notes for our partners

If your school currently has Sora, please keep these important notes about the collection in mind:

  • Content access levels for these titles will be applied according to the publisher default.
  • To help you feature these titles in Sora if you’d like, we’ll create a draft collection (named Spanish Titles for Young Readers) in the “Draft standard collections” section of the Curate tab in Marketplace.

We hope your school community enjoys these books! As always, please reach out to your Account Manager or if you have any questions.

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