Settling a late loved one’s estate can be one of life’s most difficult experiences. The loss of a family member is the beginning of a journey filled with emotion and hard decisions. If the person accumulated a lifetime of antiques and collectibles the home could be filled with furnishings, artworks, silver, pottery and many other items of value.

Your users will appreciate an easy-to-understand guide to help them with this process. Libby Extras and partner brings it to them with a click.

How does Libby Extras and help? addresses:

  • Where and how to sell items
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Heirlooms and charities
  • How much time and effort may be involved
  • Where to find help

Where can Libby Extras users go to get more specific information?

For information on how to sell a collection or household items, Libby Extras users can go to the Downsizing Guide.

For detailed information on how to sell or buy specific types of objects such as furniture, pottery, glass, toys, etc., the Buy and Sell Guides section has it all.

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