‘Twas the month before break, and all through the class, every student was yearning for time to pass fast!

We’re right at the point in the calendar year when I can remember how my attention slipped away from my school books and toward that elusive, magical few weeks of time off to end the year.

I was a pretty voracious reader as a kid (don’t ask how often I got caught with a book hidden in my lap under the desk in math class), so part of what I looked forward to the most was the stretch of uninterrupted time before New Year’s Day, when I’d have the chance to read all of the books I’d received as gifts or borrowed from the library. There was nothing quite like the feeling of rolling out of bed, eating leftover cookies for breakfast, and finding a cozy nook to while away the hours within one story or another.

While the above scenario might sound like heaven for SOME of your students, others might require a little more incentive to read recreationally over breaks.

That’s where the Holiday Reading Adventure comes in! Challenge your students to some simple feats of reading strength in the Sora app with the updated kit, which includes:

  • An 8.5×11 printable challenge worksheet
  • An 11×17 poster
  • A sticker for those who complete the challenge

It’s a great way to spark your students’ competitive drive and keep them reading (and off TikTok…sometimes).

Download the Sora Holiday Reading Adventure

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