A screenshot from Libby informs a patron the book they are checking out is in German and asks if they are able to read it or want help finding another titleBased on partner and user feedback, Libby’s latest update introduces a prompt to users when they borrow, place a hold, or add a Notify Me tag to a title in a language different from the one they have set as their app preference.

The goal of this update is to ensure users are interacting with the titles they are most interested in, reducing instances of accidentally borrowing or requesting books in a language they aren’t familiar with. This is especially helpful when a title’s language may not be clear from the cover image.

If the user selects “Yes, I Can Read It” from the prompt, Libby will help them complete the action they were taking. Libby then remembers that the user speaks this language for 90 days. This timer refreshes every time a user borrows, place a holds, or tags a title in that language.

If the user doesn’t want the title in that language, Libby will try to find it in the languages the user speaks based on app preferences and past language confirmation prompts.

In addition, Libby is now available in Māori. Learn more about the available language options for Libby.

Thank you to our partners and users who submit valuable feedback to help improve our products and services!