Books that we loved when we were young tend to hold a special place in our hearts, no matter how long it’s been since we aged away from them.

Many of us can keenly recall our most beloved childhood favorites and may even still have a dog-eared copy or two saved to eventually pass down.

Digital books, on the other hand, don’t exactly lend themselves well as keepsakes. However, they CAN make it much easier for students to discover and walk through new worlds – and it’s through that discovery that they just might find their own special story, one that they themselves will cherish and save to one day share with their loved ones.

And you can help with that, by giving them lots of options to choose from so that it’s easier for them to find their next favorite.

Right now, it’s even more affordable to do so than usual! During the final days of this month’s Children’s Book Sale, you can save between 25-50% on over 70,000 kids’ books, including bestsellers, new releases and more. (But don’t delay – the sale ends on April 30!)

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That said, we know that 70,000 books is a LOT to search through!  So, to make it easier to find what you need, our librarians have come up with some easily browsable lists by topic. Check out a few below.

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