Recreational reading is one of the most important habits that students can develop to get ahead academically. And yet, recent NAEP data shows that in 2023, only 14% of 13-year-olds reported  reading for fun almost every day – 13 percentage points lower than in 2012.

Within this context, getting your preteen and teen students to read might seem like a tall order, especially when so many of them own smartphones – essentially pocket-sized multimedia universes that follow them wherever they go.

However, you can find ways to meet them with books right where they are – buried in their phones – with digital reading platforms like Sora, which put ebooks and audiobooks, digital comics and magazines and more right at their deft fingertips.

But a digital reading platform is only as good as the books you add to it. And for those of you looking to add more content before your teens check out for the summer, May is a great time to stock up, because young adult titles are on sale all month (up to 50% off!) during the Yay for YA! Sale. From bestselling series to the viral hits trending on TikTok, there’s something for everyone, at the lowest price they’ll be all year!

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