In June, we were delighted to achieve a major milestone in OverDrive Marketplace.  OverDrive now offers more than 1 million ebooks and audiobooks available in the OverDrive Max (ODMAX) access model.

OverDrive Max is the increasingly popular access model that allows libraries and schools to purchase bundles of checkouts for individual titles with no expiration dateWhen fully utilized, ODMAX is usually the most cost-effective access model, providing the overall lowest cost per circ in the collectionLibraries and schools are using ODMAX titles to create always available reading experiences, help meet demand, book clubs, and other creative ways to reach more readers. 

“The OverDrive Max model continues to be the most cost-efficient, customer-friendly licensing option available,” said Elizabeth Taylor, collection development librarian at Pima County Public Library in Arizona. “The ability to eliminate a holds list of dozens or hundreds of customers at one time for a reasonable price makes me feel like a genius!” 

In addition to its cost efficiency, another key benefit of ODMAX is significant time savings.  Because you can buy “in bulk” and stock more copies for future circulation, this leads to less time spent managing holds and future purchases. 

Librarians have enjoyed the benefits of ODMAX since it was launched in 2022.  At Digipalooza ’23, Elizabeth Thomsen of the NOBLE Consortium (MA) said she will buy anything in OverDrive Max if possible, adding it was “gratifying” to watch patrons burn through 100 copies. For Diana Platt of Kansas City Public Library the question is always “How can we make as many people as happy as possible?” with the answer often being the availability that comes with OD Max.  And Kate Mutch from Natrona County Public Library (WY) said leveraging multiple access models – especially ODMAX and Cost-per-Circ (CPC) – is key for reacting to new reading trends or Netflix adaptations when there will be a sudden spike in interest. 

For Taylor from Pima County, it’s all about efficiently meeting customer demand.  “When my funding starts running low, I look for ODMAX titles to purchase first, because I’m impacting more customers, faster.” 

The number of titles available under this model has more than doubled since Jan 2023, and 2024 so far has seen 25% growth.   New catalogs are being added to the model frequently, including: 

While many publishers are supporting the model across all of their titles, some are offering special collections.  Here are two current special collections: 

And don’t forget about our June content sales, including Audiobook Month and Adult Fiction Ebooks, where you can find significant discounts on thousands of titles, including OD MAX! 

Visit OverDrive Marketplace today or contact your Account Manager for more information. 

By David Burleigh, Director, Corporate Outreach & Development