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Thursday, October 19th

Presenter: Kate Lewallen

Head Librarian

Webb School of Knoxville (TN)

Using social media & hobbies to get kids reading magazines

6:00pm EST

Learn how Kate Lewallen, Head Librarian at Webb School of Knoxville (TN), uses daily and montly celebrations, like National Hobby Month to highlight their magazine collection in the Sora student reading app, successfully engaging with music buffs, gamers, sports fans, gearheads, chefs, scientists and adventurers. Lewallen will share insights into how leveraging Instagram and the weekly student newsletter contributed to this successful campaign.
Download PDF

Friday, October 20th

Presenter: Bronwyn Slack

Program Coordinator of Library Media

Pinellas County Schools (FL)

Presenter: Stephanie Kurleman

Instructional Staff Developer

Pinellas County Schools (FL)

Keeping the Lights On: How Pinellas County Schools Leveraged Digital Books During Pandemic Learning & School Library Closures (and Beyond!)

Breakfast Session

7:00am-7:50am EST

Join educators from Pinellas County Schools for a dive into implementing a digital reading platform, using unique-to-digital tools like reading data, content bundling and title assignments to support curriculum, student reading initiatives and even professional development – leading to higher ROI and per-school participation. This presentation will also explore:

  • Systemic infusion of SORA into all school libraries
  • Embedding SORA into district tech trainings
  • Monthly tips and user guides for librarians
  • Using SORA assignment for district-wide professional development
  • Spreading SORA use and models to departments and individuals
  • Plus, get collection development tips to help you expand your digital library and adapt to new standards and external challenges.

Download PDF

Presenter: Elizabeth Von Nagy

Director of Library Media Services

Essex Westford School District (VT)

Our Sora story

9:30am EST

Join Elizabeth Von Nagy, Director of Library Media Services for the Essex Westford School District (VT), as she explores the district’s successful 10-year journey with its digital collection. Von Nagy will touch on diversity audits, content access levels based on grade and PD resources for staff as she presents her invaluable learnings. Download PDF

Presenter: Margie Gaudino

Evaluation & Selection of Instructional Materials & Library Books Coordinator

Montgomery County Public Schools (MD)

Sora-ing to New Heights with TeachingBooks: Connecting Readers to the Digital Books they LOVE

12:00pm EST

Need ideas to promote your digital ebook and audiobook collections? Learn how to utilize tools/resources in TeachingBooks to connect students to their favorite authors and genres in the SORA reading App! We'll demonstrate:
  • Shelf Talker book trailers, featuring QR codes to title in Sora
  • Digital displays for different authors and genres, sharing links to Author Introductions in TB and books in Sora
  • Pairing an audio excerpt of a book in TeachingBooks with the full title in Sora
  • Time permitting, Sora to TeachingBooks Extras (videos, games and activities)
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Presenter: Gretchen Zaitzeff

District Library Media Specialist

Canyons School District (UT)

Presenter: Jody Brookshire

Account Executive

Sora, by OverDrive Education

Room 118

Keys to Elevating Readers with Ebooks and Audiobooks

Vendor Session

1:00pm - 1:50PM EST

Take a deep dive into best practices for teaching and engaging readers using eBooks and audiobooks. You will learn how to draw and share data with administrators to support students and teachers, plus how to promote, use, and share digital books like a pro. Last (but not least!) you also discover how to connect students to the public library to gain even more access to books. Download PDF

Presenter: Patricia Jimenez

Media Center Director

Glendale Union High School District (AZ)

How to Make Your Virtual Library Literally Awesome: Integrating Digital Books Into the Physical Library to Engage Teen Readers

2:00pm EST

Integrating a digital library into the physical collection can be a daunting task. Librarians must fight for our users' attention, convince die-hard paper-book lovers to try screen reading, and help parents, teachers, and other stakeholders see the value of digital texts. Whether you are looking to start a digital library or simply looking for new ideas to promote an existing one, Patty Jimenez, from Glendale Union High School District (AZ), will share best practices for getting teens to embrace digital books and remain active users.

Download PDF

Presenter: Jennifer Clements

Instructional Technology Coordinator

Virginia Beach City Schools (VA)

Presenter: Kelly Miller

Library Media Services Coordinator

Virginia Beach City Schools (VA)

Tips for success with a digital collection consortium

3:00pm EST

Discover how Jennifer Clements and Kelly Miller, Instructional Technology Coordinator and Library Media Services Coordinator for the Virginia Beach City Schools (VA), rolled out access to a digital collection through the Sora student reading app to 86 schools. They’ll share how they empower a committee of Library Media Specialists to help manage the consortium collection and use school-specific collections to ensure students have access to the titles they need.

Download PDF

Presenter: Nick Glass

Founder & Head


Room 116-117

DEI Collection Analysis for Displays, Programming, Classrooms, & Smallish Collections

Concurrent session

3:20pm - 4:10pm EST

Library staff know the impact of their collections and displays—and strive to empower young readers by providing vetted materials that respect their differences and similarities. Join this hands-on session to learn how to analyze collections of children's and young adult titles for a myriad of diverse measures, including cultural representation, reading level, recency, and beyond. Attendees will leave with an actionable plan to help all of the readers in their community feel seen and included.

Download PDF

Saturday, October 21st

Presenter: Amy Hailey

Director of Library Services

Arlington Public Schools (VA)

My role as a digital reading champion

9:00am EST

Don’t miss Amy Hailey, Director of Library Services for the Arlington Public Schools (VA), share why and how she’s championed digital reading through the Sora app as a leader in her district. Hailey will explore how the district has embraced diversity audits and school-specific collections to drive digital reading success. Download PDF

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Friday, October 22nd

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